Taking on Inktober with forgiveness

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For the longest time I have wanted to do Inktober but could never find the courage to do it knowing that doodling all 31 days will not be possible. So this year I started by telling myself it is OK if I don’t draw all 31 days. I forgave myself for missing a few days. Life has enough stress, there is no point in stretching ourselves for Inktober because it is supposed to be fun. So I finally ended up doodling 20 days. Here’s a look at all my creations. They are no great works of art, just me trying to find a style and subject. These have been created after brooding over multiple reference images from the humble internet and touches of my imagination. Doodling these on a special handmade notebook where I get to flip back and trace the progress I have made, made the entire process enriching. I don’t know if I will do it next year but for now I am happy to have created a body of work that makes me happy irrespective of its imperfections. 

Working on these meant giving up my post-dog walk nap in the morning. Here’s a sneakpeak behind my Inktober challenge captured by my mother.

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